Salmon EcoCentre

The Salmon EcoCentre was opened in 2007 as an interpretive facility to promote understanding about local watersheds and fish habitat protection. Housed on the premises of the old hatchery, the EcoCentre was renovated using pine beetle wood, an ecological fit with the centre's environmental stewardship ethic. A multi-panel interpretive display was produced – local talent at work! – and installed early in 2008. 

Outdoor int

Walk the EcoCentre trails and see what it takes to keep a watershed healthy 

In the summer of 2008 the interpretive program moved outdoors – after all, that's where the action is when it comes to fish habitat! The pond, created to provide habitat for salmon fry, was highlighted with a display board and visitor-friendly landscaping. QISES hired a student interpreter for the summer months, and the centre officially opened its doors. 

The following year the trails beyond the Ecocentre were developed around points of specific interest. Permanent outdoor displays were created and installed, offering visitors a self-guided tour of some of the features of a healthy watershed.

Pond int

Our self-guided interpretive tour always starts with a visit to the pond

Where to find us  The EcoCentre is located at 2050 Hyacinthe Bay Road. Follow the red fish!

Summer hours  Closed for 2018.

Driving from Quathiaski Cove Ferry  From the ferry follow Quathiaski Rd up the hill • Turn left on Harper Rd • Turn right on Heriot Bay Rd • Turn left on West Rd and drive 5.5 km to Hyacinthe Bay Rd • Turn left on Hyacinthe Bay Rd and drive 6 km to the Salmon EcoCentre. (The EcoCentre is just past Walcan Rd, and is on the right side.)

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